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… down our street art gallery at Riddargatan 1 in Stockholm and we will pause our gallery business as a physical gallery to at least the beginning of 2020. It has been two great years here at Riddargatan with a lot of good memories and awesome exhibitions together with both Swedish and international artists. But it feel like we have become more like a regular boring gallery than a street art one. Now we have to take some time to come up with something new and fresh! But first we have to charge our batteries.

Thanks to all the artists who have put a lot of effort into their exhibitions and thanks to all the visitors who have dropped by and in some cases bought some great art. If you for a while have thought about buying art from us we strongly recommend you do it now! Because from this week and forward we will start selling the art we have in storage to a discounted price and handle the rest over to the artists.

We will not shut down the gallery completely.

We will still curate artists for commissioned works and we will still help out with collaborations on a low scale. For now we will stop our regular exhibitions but you can still find us online 24/7 where you will still be able to buy what’s left of our Chanel or Die-apparel. We will not have a physical gallery to visit, but you’ll still be able to buy art here on our website throughout October and a very small selection of art in November.

We wish you all a great day!
Iris and Jimmie aka The Wallery Crew

Bust the Drip – Get Lite

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The Wallery Crew are proud to present the coming solo exhibition Get Lite with french artist and hip-hop dancer Bust the Drip.

Bust the Drip, born in 1983, lives and works in Paris. In 2010 he picked up his first spray can and since then he’s been painting murals and canvases. In addition to his career as a graffiti artist he is also a renowned hip hop dancer and a part of the dance crew Fush Wong. 

Movement is always essential to Bust’s expression, whether it’s through dancing or painting. It’s like the vibrations of music animate his art works, and the colours take shape through the frequency of a dancing body. Bust the Drip often mixes different techniques in his paintings such as spray paint, acryl and pencils.

Bust the Drip doesn’t necessarily see himself as a graffiti artist, but rather as an artist whose artistic expression works in symbiosis with the volatility of the spray can. It all started with movement and with movement everything lives on. 

The exhibition will contain a selection of newly produced works by Bust the Drip, all of them depicting the movements of fellow dancer: Kieran Warner. During the opening night Bust the Drip and Kieran will also perform a dance battle to a live DJ. 

The exhibition will run from 16/10 to 12/11 and start of with an opening night on the 16th at 17:00 (5 p.m). Everyone is welcome to come to the opening night, but don’t forget to RSVP to info@wallery.se

What? Solo exhibition with Bust the Drip

When? 16/10-12/11 with an opening night on the 16/10 starting at 17:00 (5 p.m)

Where? Wallery Gallery, Riddargatan 1, Stockholm


Graffiti <3 Design

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We are happy to invite you to our showcase Graffiti <3 Design where we’ll be exhibiting fine design with a gritty graffiti touch. Who says design can’t be artsy?


Join us in the gallery on the 11/9 for the opening and check out Bovall Strand’s doors, Plan B’s cabinets, Ollio’s hand tufted carpets and more. The showcase starts at 15:00 (3 p.m). All objects exhibited in the showcase will be available for purchase.


For the doors produced by Bovalls we’ve invited artists such as Oliw87, Huge, Vegan Flava, Cope2 and Bust the Drip to decorate them with their very own signature touch; transforming an ordinary object such as a door into a piece of fine art.


What? Design and graffiti showcase

When? 11/9 starting at 15:00 (3 p.m)

Where? Wallery Gallery, Riddargatan 1

The only calendar you need this fall

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Here’s every date you need to save for the upcoming fall/winter season, you’re welcome. And of course some surprises are going to pop up along the way, otherwise we wouldn’t be staying true to the Wallery spirit. All events and exhibitions are held in the gallery at Riddargatan 1 unless stated otherwise.  


18/9-2/10 JAG – Wheel of Fortune

Our upcoming exhibition with artist and industrial designer JAG will circle around the gun laws of the United States and the almost daily mass shootings occurring in the country, problematizing the normalization of gun usage and the general view (and the laws supporting it) that bearing arms is every man’s right. 

What? Two-week exhibition with artist JAG

When? 18/9-2/10 with an opening night the 18/9 

Facebook event:




16/10-12/11 Bust the Drip – Get Lite

After inviting the french artist and hip-hop dancer Bust the Drip to come and paint the terrace bar at Clarion Hotel Arlanda earlier this year, the time has come for his solo exhibition Art of Movement at Wallery. Bust’s artistry circles around movement and not just movement of the body, but capturing the intricate moves and waves of a body and expressing them through art. The paintings and drawings produced for the exhibition depicts the movements of a fellow dancer, Kieran Warner, who will be performing a dance battle together with Bust the Drip during the opening night.

What? Solo exhibition with artist and dancer Bust the Drip

When? 16/10-12/11 with an opening night the 16/10 

Facebook event:




13/11-11/12 Vegan Flava

As the November cold sweeps through Stockholm we’ll be showing Vegan Flava’s suitingly somber art in a solo exhibition. Vegan Flava’s work concerns how culture, norms and identity affects the environment, animals and ourselves. By painting nature, animals and humans stripped down to the bones and roots he also strips away every layer of identity. The skeleton becomes a symbol of the common, of the sameness we share. 

What? Solo exhibition with artist Vegan Flava

When? 13/11-11/12 with an opening night 13/11

Facebook event:



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She’s back! After dressing up Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in her dope leather jackets, Jenny Sandersson is coming back to Wallery to showcase her new collection PINK AS FUCK. As always the collection is packed with high quality vintage leather jackets with that classic Sandersson touch, and as you might have guessed… they’re pink as fuck this time. 

Jenny Sandersson is an LA-based designer/artist who’s all about layers, colours and graffiti whether it’s on a canvas or a vintage jacket. Every piece of clothing is unique since she distresses, paints and sprays them by hand. Together with the collection we’ll also be showing some of her paintings in the gallery.

So put on your pinkest attitude and get your ass down to Wallery on the 16-17 August between 16:00-20:00 for an afternoon filled with fashion, art and everything pink!

When: 16-17/8

Where: Wallery Gallery, Riddargatan 1

Facebook event:


Jenny Sandersson’s Instagram: @sanderssonlosangeles


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After a well deserved vacation we’re back in the gallery with a treat for you! This week we’re kick starting our new and improved summer sale with even more amazing art works to a discounted price. Just like last time we’ll be lowering the prices for each week: starting out at a 20% discount and finishing off with 50%. So when you’re done sweating at the beach, make sure you swing by the gallery or browse our online gallery to see all the available works and snatch the one you want before someone else does.

PS. Everyone knows summertime is best spent indoors, shopping. 

Wallery x Golden Vagance

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Don’t know about you but we’re going into vacay mode with a bang! On Saturday the 29th of June the up and coming sunwear brand Golden Vagance will have their release party in the gallery. It’ll be a day filled with fashion, art and chill vibes aka the best way to celebrate your summer vacay!

Golden Vagance is a new brand that puts stylish elegance and sustainability first. All their sunglasses come with interchangable templates, making it easy and sustainable to change style according to mood or outfit. Their swimwear is designed for comfort and style.

So bring your friends and celebrate summer with us!

When: Saturday 29/6
Where: Wallery Gallery, Riddargatan 1
Time: 11.00-18.00 (11 am to 6 pm)

The Facebook event:

PS. They’ll also be giving away free giveaways every hour, and only losers pass up on free stuff. Just so you know.


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This is the big day everybody has waiting for after we have sold out the Original-, the Nybrogatan-, the Black-, and the White Edition, and almost the Smash & Grab and Karl Edition.
If you want to be certain that you will have your own Midsummer Edition in your size this time you better get in line early outside our gallery at Riddargatan 1. We will not take preorders and we will only release the shirts in the gallery to start with at 12:00 the 25th of May..
We always only do a limited edition and it’s the same this time!
This time we just sell a total of 300 + 300 pcs as shown below:
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux T-shirts XS – XXL: 700:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Collage XS – XXL: 1100:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Hoodies XS – XXL: 1500:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux T-shirts XS – XXL: 700:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Collage XS – XXL: 1100:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Hoodies XS – XXL: 1500:-
We only accept Swish in the gallery.
The 26th of May we will relese the Midsummer Edition in our ONLINE gallery where you can pay with credit card (if there anyone left).
See you the 25th of May at 12:00!
/The EPYH Crew


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Wallery presenterar med stolthet den legendariska graffitikonstnären Cope2s verk i soloutställningen A Bronx Legend. Tidigare har Cope representerats i städer som New York, Paris och Tokyo och nu har turen äntligen kommit till Stockholm. Utställningen kommer bestå av utvalda verk från Cope2s konstnärskap där han lekfullt utforskat graffiti som uttryckssätt och medium. Den 27/4 kl. 18.00-00.00 öppnar utställningen med vernissage på Riddargatan 1 och pågår sedan till den 25/5. Öppettider för utställningen är tisdag – fredag 11.00-18.00 och lördag 12.00-17.00.

Efter sex år i branschen är Wallery stolta över att presentera sin första utställning med en internationell världsstjärna: Cope2. Wallery har sedan starten varit pionjärer för street art inom gallerivärlden och representerat namn såsom Oliw87, Circle, JAG, Huge och Bates. Cope2, eller Fernando Carlo som är hans födelsenamn, föddes 1968 i Bronx, New York. Ända sedan 80-talet har Cope2 prytt staden med sina ikoniska throw-ups och med tiden kommit att betraktas som en förgrundsgestalt inom den amerikanska graffitirörelsen. Tillsammans med kusinen och tillika graffitikonstnären Chico80 var han med och skapade crewet Kids Destroy, som senare bytte namn till Kings Destroy då Cope dubbade sig själv till konung över New Yorks graffitiscen.

Med en estetik som både är direkt och lekfull är det lätt att förstå hur Cope har lyckats ta sig till toppen – och varför han är där för att stanna. Cope har konsekvent behållit sin omisskännliga stil i nästan 40 år och blivit en av de mest kända namnen inom street art-scenen. Under alla år har han dessutom fortsatt att måla väggar världen över, parallellt med de verk han flitigt producerat och ställt ut på namnkunniga gallerier såsom The Showroom Gallery i New York. Utöver sin verksamhet som graffitikonstnär har Cope samarbetat med en mängd olika välkända märken såsom Adidas, Footlocker och Converse.

När: 27e April
Tid: 18:00-24:00
Vart: Wallery – Riddargatan 1
OSA: info@wallery.se


Wallery proudly presents the new solo exhibition A Bronx Legend with selected works from world famous graffiti artist Cope2. Cope has previously been represented in cities such as New York, Paris and Tokyo and now it’s finally Stockholm’s turn to enjoy his playful pieces. The grand opening of the exhibition will be at Riddargatan 1 on the 27/4 at 6pm-12pm and the exhibition will close on the 25/5. Wallery’s regular opening hours are Tuesday – Friday 11am-6pm and Saturdays 12am-5pm.

After six years in the business the Wallery crew are very proud to present their first ever exhibition with an international superstar: Cope2. Wallery has since the beginning been pioneers for street art in the gallery world and previously represented talents such as Oliw87, Circle, JAG, Huge and Bates.

Cope2, or Fernando Carlo as is his birth name, was born in 1968 in Bronx, New York. Ever since the eighties you’ve been able to spot his iconic throw ups all around his native city and all around the world. Together with his cousin and graffiti artist Chico80 he co-created the crew Kids Destroy, later renamed Kings Destroy as Cope dubbed himself king of the New York graffiti scene. With time Cope has come to be recognized as one of the most prominent figures of the American graffiti movement, and with an aesthetic both direct and playful it’s easy to understand why he’s at the top – and why he’s there to stay.

Cope has for almost 40 years kept his unmistakable style and always kept painting walls all over the world, while also producing and exhibiting works for renowned galleries such as The Showroom Gallery in New York. In addition to his work as a graffiti artist Cope has through the years made numerous collaborations with brands such as Adidas, Footlocker and Converse.

For further information, please contact jimmie.hall@wallery.se.

When: 27th of April
Time: 6:00 to midnight
Vart: Wallery – Riddargatan 1
RSVP: info@wallery.se


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This is the big day everybody has waiting for!

Once again it’s time to relese an new Chanel or Die shirt! We have sold out the Original-, the Nybrogatan-, the Black-, and the White Edition and just a few left of the Smash & Grab. So now we release a clean sketchy black and white shirt to tribute the genius Karl Otto Lagerfeldt.

If you want to be certain that you will have your own Karl Edition in your size this time you better get in line early outside our gallery at Riddargatan 1. We will not take preorders and we will only release the shirts in the gallery to start with at 12:00 the 30th of March.

We always do a limited edition and it’s the same this time:

100 pcs – Unisex de Lux T-shirts XS – XXL: 600:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Collage XS – XXL: 1000:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Hoodies XS – XXL: 1400:-

We only accept Swish!

The 31st of March we will relese the Karl Edition in our online gallery where you can pay with credit card (if there enyone left).

See you the 30th of March at 12:00!
/The Wallery Crew


Vernissage: Klaas Lageweg + Bosmaus + Dopie = MAASTERS

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It is with proud Wallery presents the goup exhibition:
It all started when Dopie contacted us and wanted to be a part of the Ofientliga Rummet 2015-2106. He made an aweseme mural and we started to represent him here in Sweden. After that Wallenstam wanted to have a huge mural in Hallonberger for Umami Park and for the first KvadrArt exhibition Umami – 5th Taste of Art. We aksed Dopie direct but the mural was 12×30 meters se Dopie wanted to bring his friend Klaas Lageweg. And the result of that you stil can see in Hallonbergen. It’s the biggest mural just outside of Stockholm that we have even today. The year after Bosmaus was getting in tuch with us and presented his unique style and we suddelnly had three Dutch artist to work with and represent here in Sweden.
Now after working together in three years we thought it was a great time to exhibit this three artist at the same time in the gallery. All of them have sold a lot of artworks from us during this year so it will be nice to see what you think of the exhibition.
Klaas Lageweg (1978).
As a visual artist, I create murals and paintings. Art is my means to function autonomously in this society. Creating and developing causes me to experience conflict, euphoria, disappointment and pride. In other words: paint keeps me going. I follow my instincts and intuition – in doing so, I get to turn my ideas into reality. My focus is always on the end result. As I find inspiration in my day-to-day environment, my work generally contains an observational outlook. In combining seemingly opposing forms, such as realism, pixel art and abstractions, I am always pushing the boundaries.
Read more here!
Philip Bosmans
A graffiti artist/painter/illustrator currently based out of Belgium. He was classically trained as a graphic designer but he’s a self-taught painter and graffiti artist with a real penchant for the surrealistic qualities of fantasy worlds beyond our own. His artworks represent and characterize people´s dreams, grief, happiness or luck. Philip not only creates a world he can escape in himself but also gives the spectator the possibility to disappear from daily life for a moment by looking at his works that carry a strong use of color and imagination in them. Philip is as talented with digital art as he is on canvas or concrete, constructing seemingly endless numbers of logotypes, and has won numerous awards, most notably the uber-prestigious Macworld UK Digital Artist of the Year Award 2011 for his work entitled “Origins of the Species”. He has exhibited in solo and group shows in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Washington, Chicago.
Read morehere!

Dopie (b. 1983) has been a well-known artist in the Dutch graffiti scene for over twenty years. Inspired by the throw-ups on the subway cars in his hometown of Amsterdam, he started exploring his artistic talents, painting his Dopie moniker on concrete walls and trains. Wanting to push his boundaries, he started practicing elaborate characters a few years later. This led to the development of his characteristic photorealistic style. Nowadays, Dopie’s work is a well-balanced mixture of realism and more traditional graffiti. He is especially known for his use of bold colours and his remarkable depiction of a wide variety of animals. Since 2004, Dopie has been able to turn his art into a career. His work can be found in many places both domestically and abroad as well as several books and magazines.


We hope to see you all at the opening the 13th of Mars and please help us spread the word and invite all your friend who need some new art on their walls but also who haw to come out and experience something different!
RSVP by clicking at KOMMER at the Facebook Event  or send us an mail to info@wallery.se
/The Wallery Crew


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Tystnaden från svenska konstkritiker gör Street art till en märklig ö i den svenska konstarkipelagen. Wallerys Jimmie Hall har under de senast fyra åren synliggjort konstformen som tagit fart på flera fronter – förutom hos konstkritikerna.

– Jag har sedan start velat se konstkritiker som skrev om Street art – bra eller dålig kritik spelar liksom ingen roll. 

Läs hela artikeln här!

Vernissage – ARTiSTA – PAINT by NATURE

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The artistic journey started after she was winning a major art competition when she was just four and a half years old which resulted in that her winning design being printed onto Christmas cards and sold in retail stores right across the country.

– Art was a subject I’d always felt passionate about while growing up and was always encouraged to pursue. I continued practicing the craft right through to my early teenage years which was when I first started to sell the painted portraits.

Over the years her artworks has transformed from fine art painting, to character based aerosol art and digital illustration. The artwork has been shown across London in many forms and has even been showcased inside the walls of Europe’s most visited gallery, The Tate Modern.

I have immersed myself into the London street art scene, creating murals across every borough in London. I have collaborated and worked with a wide range of audiences from private commissions to large companies and brands, to paint murals, live designs at events and installations. I have also hosted three successful art shows collaborating with other well-known international street artists in central and east London. My work has not been restricted to London, I have also worked across the UK and internationally including Miami Basel, Paris, Germany, Demark, Italy and Greece to name a few.

Tell me a little bit of your style:
– For my latest project my style is evolving to infuse some of the more traditional painting techniques as seen in my early days as a fine artist with my now well recognized cartoon style sprayed ‘In Bloom”. The coming together of these two forms sees realism and cartoon uniting in a fusion of bold, bright colours and uses multiple techniques.

On my forth return trip to Sweden I am honoured and excited to be hosting my First Solo International Art Show at Wallery which will see the official launch of my new style project ‘PAINT by NATURE’.

Address: Riddargatan 1 in Stockholm
Time: 16:00-20:00 (4:00-8:00 PM)
OSA: info@wallery.se or by klicking KOMMER at the Facebook-event

More info regarding the solo exhibition you can find on Wallery’s Instagram- or Facebook account.

Spread the word to everyone that wants to do something else between Christmas and New Years Eve!

Welcome to explore paint by nature
/The Wallery Crew


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MAKE GRAFFITI BAD AGAIN är den alternativa Nationalmuseum-utställningen.
Samtidigt som Nationalmuseum öppnar upp på nytt och visar upp sina nationalklenoder visar vi upp ett gäng nationalklenoder som graffitilegenden Circle har målat över med graffiti.
Den första ReCircle utställningen ägde rum ovanför Nosh & Chow i September 2014, och såldes slut samma kväll. Den 13e oktober är det dags igen att få se och även kunna lägga beslag på en bit gatukonsthistoria från en av graffitisveriges mest intressanta gatukonstnärer Circle.
Circle är en av pionjärerna inom graffitiscenen i Sverige, och är en av de största och mest respekterade genom tiderna. Circle är den ende graffitimålaren i Sverige som har gjort en fasadmålning sk mural som idag är K-märkt, “Fascinate” i Bromsten, Spånga. Fasadmålningen skapade Circle som 17-åring sommaren 1988 tillsammans med polaren Wierd (Tariq Saleh)
Läs mer om Fascinate på Wikipedia.
Många påstår att graffitin tappar sin identitet och kraft när man tar in den från gatan till galleriet. Kom gärna förbi vår öppning den 13e oktober så ska vi bevisa er motsatsen.
OBS! För er som gillar gammal konst och värnar om den då rekommenderar vi istället nyöppnandet av Nationalmuseum denna dag.
För OSA klicka JAG KOMMER på Facebook-eventet eller maila oss på info@wallery.se med texten #makegraffitibadagain
Dela gärna detta event till alla de som ni tycker borde komma. Alla är välkomna men det är viktigt att man OSAr på ovan angivna sätt.
/The Wallery Crew

SHIRT DROP de LUX – White Edition

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CHANEL or DIE – White Edition – 2018
Once again its time to relese an new Chanel or Die shirt! This is the big day everybody has waiting for after we have sold out the Original- the Nybrogatan- and almost the Black Edition (just big sizes left in the gallery in all models).
If you want to be certain that you will have your own Chanel or Die shirt in your size this time you better get in line early outside our gallery at Riddargatan 1. We will not take preorders and we will only release the shirts in the gallery to start with.
The 29th of September at 12:00 we will open the door to the gallery and close 16:00 (4:00 PM)
As usual we just sell a total of 300 pcs as shown below:
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux T-shirts XS – XXL: 600:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Collage XS – XXL: 1.000:-
100 pcs – Unisex de Lux Hoodies XS – XXL: 1.400:-
We only except Swish!
The 30th of Septrember we will relese the White Edition in our online gallery (if there enyone left).
See you the 29th of September at 12:00!
/The Wallery Crew
For more info:

KvadrArt – 2018

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Once again Wallery will create the biggest street art exhibition in Scandinavia – KvadrArt. Last year we manage to represent artworks from 97 European street artist and gained 3700 visitors.

Hope to break a visitors record this year!

13th of June is the date to put in your calendars and the size of the artworks this time will be 40×40 cm so start measure your wall in your home or at your office!

Let’s take this street art exhibition to the history together. Tell your friends!

RSVP here or by mail and put in KvadrArt in the mail.

It will be a blast
/The Wallery Crew

Inuaguration – BRAVE NEW WORLD by Dale Grimshaw (UK)

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Wallery proudly presents:
The first time we got in touch with Dale Grimshaw was through our best friend Fredrik Sanabria who have known Dale for years. During our joint event Ofientliga Rummet we invited Dale to Stockholm and that was the start of one of the best cooperation’s with an international street artist Wallery have had during the past years. When Dale was in Stockholm during Ofientliga Rummet not did he just create one but two wonderful murals. One is still left for everyone to experience in the lounge at Scandic Klara at Slöjdgatan in Stockholm. Dale have also been a part of Umami – 5th Taste of Art, the Magnus Samuelsson dinner at Umami and KvadrArt – 2017. He sold out all of his artworks during all these events before they were over. That is a recognition of how much the swedes love Dales art. With a huge amount of murals all over UK and Europe and over 20 K followers on Instagram the international interest for Dale is big and growing.
– To have a Dale Grimshaw solo exhibition at Wallery in Stockholm is more than a dream come true says Jmmie Hall owner of Wallery.
Dale Grimshaw was born in Lancashire, in the North of England. During a difficult childhood, his drawing and painting became extremely important to him. He developed his skills at college, firstly with an Art Foundation course at Blackburn College and later he studied fine art to degree level at Middlesex University in London.
Dale has a successful gallery career. He has had five solo shows in Signal Gallery, London and numerous group shows including those Berlin, Paris, New York, Stockholm and Rome. His shows have been widely recognised in the press and online. Articles written about have been published in The independent newspaper, Juztapoz magazine and Art Of England Magazine.
More recently he has been devoting time to street murals and has been widely recognised as one of the most powerful and talented of street artists on that scene. Over the past five years he has been invited to festivals nationally and internationally as well as painting many iconic walls across London, where he lives.
Dale’s work is boldly figurative and is inspired by his strongly held humanitarian beliefs. However this political message is always achieved by an emphasis on powerful direct emotions and a deep empathy for his subjects.
Submit to the Inauguration on Facebook here.
When: 24th of June
Time: 18:00 – 23:00 (6:00 – 11:00 PM)
Where: Wallery – Riddargatan 1 in Stockholm
If you want more info plese mail us: info@wallery.se
/The Wallery Crew 

Kulturnatt – Stockholm – 2018

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Syftet med Kulturnatt Stockholm är att visa upp ett brett kulturliv, bidra till en ökad kännedom om kulturutbudet i Stockholm och göra det enklare för stockholmarna att stiga in i en värld man kanske inte alltid är så bekant med.

Undrar vad vi ska hitta på då ra för att berika Stockholms kulturutbud…

Kom förbi den 21a april från 18:00-24:00 det kommer bli överaskningar hela tiden. Vill du få en försmak på vad som komma skall gå in på eventet på Facebook och anmäl ditt intresse!

Välkomna förbi oss
/The Wallery Crew

Live under kvällen bla:


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Oliw87’s Chanel or Die gatukonst började egentligen som ett socialt experiment. Oliw87 har alltid förundrats över den konsumtionshysterin som finns hos många människor, där allt livet handlar om är vad du äger. Han ville se hur folk på Östermalm reagerade om man blandade ihop street art med ett riktigt lyxmärke, Chanel. Reaktionerna var tydliga.
“Bratsen älskade det och jag tyckte kontrasten var rolig – lyx kombinerat med stök blir jävligt nice. Som jag stått och flinat åt alla bloggtjejer som posat framför mina verk, bloggtjejer som knappast har fått upp ögonen för annan offentlig konst. Den visar väl lite vem jag är som person också, å ena sådan gillar jag också lyx inom vissa gränser, å andra sidan vill jag ibland bara gå ut och trasha hela stan.. dvs motsatsen till den traditionella ”lyxpellen”. Jag har mina demoner jag fightas med, spelar för båda lagen. Jag älskar mitt dubbelliv!”
Wallery upptäckte Oliw87 inför Skandinaviens största gatukonstutställning UMAMI – 5th Taste of Art 2015. Där ställde vi ut den första Chanel or Die tavlan offentligt som såldes innan öppning. Sedan dessa har han sålt kopiöst med tavlor och hans priser har ökat med över 200%. Den senaste tiden har inte bara kändisar som Roy Fares, Peter Forsberg och Pernilla Wahlgren köpt hans konst nu börjar även förfrågningar komma in från övriga Europa!
Häng med här i eventet för den mest stökiga presentationen i Wallery’s historia!
Denna gång hålls det mycket hypade vernissagen i vårt galleri på Riddargatan 1!
/The Wallery Crew

Vernissage – ANTIDOTE by Frida Stiil Vium aka Nada

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Wallery c/o Magic City Stockholm proudly presents the exhibition ANTIDOTE with their first international female street artist Frida Stiil Vium aka NADA @fridastiilvium. This Danish girl took us by storm this autumn and it is a pleasure to know that we found and booked her before the curators for Miami Art Festival 2017.
Frida Stiil Vium aka. NADA is an upcoming artist from Aalborg, Danmark. She was born in 1997 and has been drawing and painting as long as she remembers. Frida chose to focus on art in 2014 when she chose to stop in high school and follow her dream.
She expresses herself in paintings, drawing as well as street art, which she has developed by traveling around in the world painting walls and making cultural social projects on different continents.
Frida’s uses her street name NADA to tag her street art works. She chose the name, while it represents that everybody starts from nothing.
Furthermore, she is connected to an art gallery in Denmark, U.S, Portugal and Sweden and has also in cooperation with Ungaalborg, Aalborg Municipality opened an art studio for young artist, where she is manager on a daily basis.
Education in art:
Talent Academy BGK (Pre school for the Royal academy of art)
Places Nada have exhibit during the years:
1. Gallery Inuit “Intuition”, Aalborg, Denmark.
2. NORTH, Aalborg, Denmark.
3. Aros “Catch 10”, Aarhus, Denmark.
4. KUNSTEN Artmuserum “Kulturskolen”, Aalborg, Denmark.
5. Pop up show “YOUniverse”, Aalborg, Denmark.
6. Pop up shop “Reality Check”, Aalborg, Denmark
Artworks by Nada around the world;
2014: England, London (Cooperation with Global Street Art).
2015: Italy, Pietra Ligure
2016 England, London (Cooperation with Global Street Art).
2016: USA, Miami – Denver – San francisco
2016: Sri Lanka, Hikkaduwa
2016: Greece, Thessaloniki (Streetart project with Softex Refugee Camp)
2017: France, Paris – Le Havre (Streetart project in cooperation with Tetris Art museum)
2017: Spain, Malaga
2017: Moldova, Chisinau (Participating artist in EU project “Another world is possible)
2017: USA, Miami, 2017 (Participating artist in the streetart festival “Art Basel House”)
Nada’s upcoming events 2018
January: India, Chennai. (participating artist in culture festival Saarang)
February: Sweden, Stockholm. (Solo exhibition)
Mars: Portugal, Ericeira. (Solo exhibition and participating artist in a Graffiti festival)
For more info and RSVP go to the Facebook event: ANTIDOTE
This event is a cooperation between  Wallery & Magic City Stockholm. The exhibition and entrance to the Magic City exhibiton will be for free this event so bring your friends and then we make this night a rememberal moment together with Nada.