Inuaguration – BRAVE NEW WORLD by Dale Grimshaw (UK)

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Wallery proudly presents:
The first time we got in touch with Dale Grimshaw was through our best friend Fredrik Sanabria who have known Dale for years. During our joint event Ofientliga Rummet we invited Dale to Stockholm and that was the start of one of the best cooperation’s with an international street artist Wallery have had during the past years. When Dale was in Stockholm during Ofientliga Rummet not did he just create one but two wonderful murals. One is still left for everyone to experience in the lounge at Scandic Klara at Slöjdgatan in Stockholm. Dale have also been a part of Umami – 5th Taste of Art, the Magnus Samuelsson dinner at Umami and KvadrArt – 2017. He sold out all of his artworks during all these events before they were over. That is a recognition of how much the swedes love Dales art. With a huge amount of murals all over UK and Europe and over 20 K followers on Instagram the international interest for Dale is big and growing.
– To have a Dale Grimshaw solo exhibition at Wallery in Stockholm is more than a dream come true says Jmmie Hall owner of Wallery.
Dale Grimshaw was born in Lancashire, in the North of England. During a difficult childhood, his drawing and painting became extremely important to him. He developed his skills at college, firstly with an Art Foundation course at Blackburn College and later he studied fine art to degree level at Middlesex University in London.
Dale has a successful gallery career. He has had five solo shows in Signal Gallery, London and numerous group shows including those Berlin, Paris, New York, Stockholm and Rome. His shows have been widely recognised in the press and online. Articles written about have been published in The independent newspaper, Juztapoz magazine and Art Of England Magazine.
More recently he has been devoting time to street murals and has been widely recognised as one of the most powerful and talented of street artists on that scene. Over the past five years he has been invited to festivals nationally and internationally as well as painting many iconic walls across London, where he lives.
Dale’s work is boldly figurative and is inspired by his strongly held humanitarian beliefs. However this political message is always achieved by an emphasis on powerful direct emotions and a deep empathy for his subjects.
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When: 24th of June
Time: 18:00 – 23:00 (6:00 – 11:00 PM)
Where: Wallery – Riddargatan 1 in Stockholm
If you want more info plese mail us:
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