Wallery – The Weburban Street Art Gallery


Wallery is an internet-based art gallery, with only art and pieces from artists who have a background in the street art culture. Street art has grown internationally over the last 20 years , with the help from artists such as ROA, Banksy, Obey, Seen, Futura, Cope 2, Daim, Miss Van, Fashion 2 and Tristan Eaton, to name a few. In Sweden and Scandinavia, street art in the form of graffiti, stencils, photo art and sculptures has not achieved the same interest, and Wallery, with a number of well-known artists, is trying to change the game!

Web: It is not just our choice of art form that distinguishes Wallery as a gallery. Wallery will also run the gallery itself in a completely new and unique way. As mentioned above, Wallery will have its base on the internet, but selling more expensive art online is difficult, as many want to experience the art before making a purchase. Therefore, Wallery, like any other, organizes events where the art will be featured in Wallery’s gallery or out in public exhibitions for a short period of time . This makes it easier to carry out the purchase over the internet, since you have had the opportunity to see the art in person. The artwork will remain online after the exhibition, which makes it possible to buy the artwork long after the exhibition, in a simple way, with all available payment options (if the artwork is still for sale).

Urban: Running a gallery with street artists and not simultaneously offering the chance of adornment of public spaces would be idiotic. Therefore, we are pleased to only exhibit artwork but also engage in public assignments, as we allow our contracted artists to perform. No mission is too small or too difficult. Together, with our artists, we have lead many creative transformations of trade fairs, offices and public environments. Please give us a try!

Street Art: The reason that Wallery is focused on street art has to do with the fact that one of the founders has been a part of this culture since a young age. This means that, unlike “regular” galleries, Wallery understands the art and artists of the “street art” culture. It is therefore more natural for Wallery to see the quality of the artist and their work and thus we promise to offer the best of street culture art.

Gallery:A good friend once said: “Wallery is Gallery 2.0.” We hope that Wallery, through this way of running a gallery, will develop the entire gallery industry for the future! However, it is not important! The important thing is that with this unconventional way of running a gallery, attention is drawn to the street art and finds the modern art-interested buyer for this interesting art form.