The only calendar you need this fall

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Here’s every date you need to save for the upcoming fall/winter season, you’re welcome. And of course some surprises are going to pop up along the way, otherwise we wouldn’t be staying true to the Wallery spirit. All events and exhibitions are held in the gallery at Riddargatan 1 unless stated otherwise.  


18/9-2/10 JAG – Wheel of Fortune

Our upcoming exhibition with artist and industrial designer JAG will circle around the gun laws of the United States and the almost daily mass shootings occurring in the country, problematizing the normalization of gun usage and the general view (and the laws supporting it) that bearing arms is every man’s right. 

What? Two-week exhibition with artist JAG

When? 18/9-2/10 with an opening night the 18/9 

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16/10-12/11 Bust the Drip – Get Lite

After inviting the french artist and hip-hop dancer Bust the Drip to come and paint the terrace bar at Clarion Hotel Arlanda earlier this year, the time has come for his solo exhibition Art of Movement at Wallery. Bust’s artistry circles around movement and not just movement of the body, but capturing the intricate moves and waves of a body and expressing them through art. The paintings and drawings produced for the exhibition depicts the movements of a fellow dancer, Kieran Warner, who will be performing a dance battle together with Bust the Drip during the opening night.

What? Solo exhibition with artist and dancer Bust the Drip

When? 16/10-12/11 with an opening night the 16/10 

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13/11-11/12 Vegan Flava

As the November cold sweeps through Stockholm we’ll be showing Vegan Flava’s suitingly somber art in a solo exhibition. Vegan Flava’s work concerns how culture, norms and identity affects the environment, animals and ourselves. By painting nature, animals and humans stripped down to the bones and roots he also strips away every layer of identity. The skeleton becomes a symbol of the common, of the sameness we share. 

What? Solo exhibition with artist Vegan Flava

When? 13/11-11/12 with an opening night 13/11

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She’s back! After dressing up Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper in her dope leather jackets, Jenny Sandersson is coming back to Wallery to showcase her new collection PINK AS FUCK. As always the collection is packed with high quality vintage leather jackets with that classic Sandersson touch, and as you might have guessed… they’re pink as fuck this time. 

Jenny Sandersson is an LA-based designer/artist who’s all about layers, colours and graffiti whether it’s on a canvas or a vintage jacket. Every piece of clothing is unique since she distresses, paints and sprays them by hand. Together with the collection we’ll also be showing some of her paintings in the gallery.

So put on your pinkest attitude and get your ass down to Wallery on the 16-17 August between 16:00-20:00 for an afternoon filled with fashion, art and everything pink!

When: 16-17/8

Where: Wallery Gallery, Riddargatan 1

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Jenny Sandersson’s Instagram: @sanderssonlosangeles